Cristina Reche.
T: +34 691 40 80 38

Profesional with deep working experience in photographic studio and lighting. At present, my commercial work is mainly in collaboration with media and advertising agencies.

In parallel, my personal projects are based on using the portrait as a way to express human emotions.

This Project

Serie of 6 photographs
Published in Tapas magazine

ANIMAL – Story of an insult

Seriously, watching you eat is like watching an animal documentary. You sit down at the table, like someone who drops a sack of potatoes, and breath deep inside to feel free your hugemongous nose and then you’re ready, let’s start the feast!. The food goes from one hand to the other, your shirt is decorated with stains that look like African lakes. The fat drips from the corners of your lips and you belch so hard that a suspicious current of hot air from Europe in detected in a weather station in the Antartica. Somebody offers you a piece of bread. “No thanks. That fills up and take away my hunger”. Along your way, you break a glass of wine, lose a fork and choke on a chicken bone. “And how well you eat when you eat well”. Like an animal.

Animal – Story of an insult – is a reflection on the close semantic relationship between animals, food and insult.

Cabrito / Suckling Lamb (Crummy)
Cerdo / Pig
Gallina / Chicken
Besugo / sea bream (Dumb)
Pulpo / Octopus (Handsy)